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Daily Armor for Peace Officers
Whether you are an officer who is new to the faith, a seasoned believer, or unsure of where you are spiritually, it is our desire
that these quick and simple truths from God's Word will encourage you in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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But the God of all grace, who hath
called us unto his eternal glory by
Christ Jesus, after that ye have
suffered a while, make you perfect,
stablish, strengthen, settle you.
1 Peter 5:10
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What is the most intense trial you have ever faced? It is said that as Christians we are either about
to enter a trial, presently in a trial, or coming out of a trial. No one likes them, but they do accomplish
a purpose in our faith.  Like you I have had my share of trials; but something happened on October 31st
2004 that far exceeded any trial I had ever experienced. After a number of years of not being able to
have children my wife was finally pregnant with our first child. All the checkups went well and the baby
was progressing as expected. At six and a half months into the pregnancy the baby room was painted,
the name was picked out, and we were anxiously awaiting her due date, but it was not to be. Our son
Jonathan died in the womb.

You and I may never know the reason for some of the things we must endure in life but today's verse
can provide a lot of comfort. First of all Peter describes God as the "God of all grace"!  Think about
that for a minute, THE GOD OF ALL GRACE, or the source of all that is good; and because of this He
will impart to us what we need to get through anything we face. This doesn't mean it will be easy, and
in fact it may be overwhelming, but God will always see us through. Next Peter says: "after that you
have suffered a while"; It's not forever; this implies that though we may suffer it is only for a period
of time, which gives hope to the child of God that the trial will end whether it be in this life or in
eternity. Obviously, that period of time will be different for all of us, but when compared to eternity
all trials are for a short period of time. After Peter's encouraging words he lays out several benefits of
the trials we face.  First he says God will "Make you perfect", which means He will restore you. If it
were not for trials we would never know how incredible it is to be restored by God. Next he says He
will stablish (establish), strengthen, and settle you. It is through trials and difficulties that God
enables us to stand firm in His strength so that we are established and immovable like a house on a firm
foundation. The winds may blow hard at times but the house will not move.

Losing our child was the most excruciating thing we have ever faced, but through his death, funeral, and
months of grief to follow, God was there with us. We can now look back and see how this verse came
alive for us because God gave us the grace we needed, and through it He strengthened our foundation so
that we are now much stronger in the faith. Are you facing a trial right now? If so, you can cling to
these promises from God! Allow Him to work in your life.