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Whether you are an officer who is new to the faith, a seasoned believer, or unsure of where you are spiritually, it is our desire
that these quick and simple truths from God's Word will encourage you in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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Look not every man on his own things,
but every man also on the things of
others. Philippians 2:4
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I recall passing a sign at a jewelry store that read "treat yourself, you are worth it". Obviously, this
business wanted to entice you to buy some jewelry for yourself and they were counting on appealing to most
people's greatest love, which is self. Society as we know it has become consumed with pleasing self and
making sure "number 1" gets taken care of. We also see it when the driver in the lane next to you cuts you
off so that he can be first at the next red light, or when a car darts into the parking place you were about
to park in. It's easy to get mad at the selfish motorist, but are we selfish too?

As we hurry about our daily lives, we are daily coming in contact with people who have needs, but are we
taking the time to notice them?  I'm the first to admit my guilt.  Our focus is normally on what WE need to
accomplish, or on the street we are just trying to get the necessary information for the report and then
move on to the next call; but today's verse tells us to look on the things of others.  Looking on the things of
others doesn't come naturally, but instead it requires that we be filled with the love of Christ so that His
love flows through us to others.

Jesus Himself is our example as we see over and over in the Gospels how He cared for the needs of people
above His own. In fact, in Mark 10:45 the Bible says "For even the Son of man came not to be ministered
unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many". Focusing on self leaves one on an endless
pursuit of happiness, but to "look on the things of others" puts us in a position for Christ to use to reach into
the lives of others.  Let's ask God to help us see people through His eyes and to be aware of opportunities
to place others before ourselves.  In doing so you may discover a fulfillment that you have been longing for.